2.  Welcome Emma Yvonne!, fun with Claire & a camper-trip with Jill…2.2018

Day 3, 4, 5, & 6  
I was in Orlando by 9:30 the next morning so excited to meet Emma & see Claire, Sara & Kevin.  The next few days were filled with so much joy & fun!  Lots of time with this sweet precious baby & running, laughing, playing & reading with our wonderful Claire!

IMG 0529.jpg IMG 0584.jpg IMG 0603.jpg IMG 0613.jpg IMG 0648.jpgIMG 0666.jpg

First time in the double stroller outside enjoying this magnificent weather!

IMG 0661.jpg

Valentines Day with this little sweetheart!

IMG 0596.jpgIMG 0552.jpg

Claire loved playing in my camper-car

IMG 0558.jpg
IMG 0506.jpgIMG 0510.jpg


Day 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14  
I picked up Danny & his mom at the airport on Saturday…he was soooo happy to be here too! And Claire was thrilled to see her Grandpa & Great Grandma.

IMG 0670.jpg IMG 0681.jpg IMG 0694.jpg IMG 0707.jpg IMG 0733.jpg IMG 0739.jpgIMG 0746.jpgIMG 0748.jpg
IMG 0787.jpg
IMG 0796.jpgIMG 0799.jpgIMG 0814.jpgIMG 0852.jpgIMG 0849.jpg IMG 0801.jpg
IMG 0884.jpg
IMG 0896.jpgIMG E0732.jpgEPAY8467.jpgIMG E0915.jpg

Our last day was filled with play & lots of hugs!

IMG 0967.jpgIMG 0992.jpg

IMG 3157.jpg
IMG 1022.jpgIMG 1036.jpg

IMG 3166.jpgIMG 3184.jpg

I took Danny & Phyllis to the airport & headed back to Sara’s.  Sara & Kevin were getting to go out to a play tonight & Jill was coming over to help me babysit Emma & Claire.  It was so great having her there to share this experience & Claire was enthralled with Jill!

IMG 1049.jpgIMG 1099.jpg

IMG 1045.jpg

It is always soooo hard to leave.  I tucked Claire in bed, reading to her & giving her one last hug, both of us knowing I’d be gone when she woke upon the morning.  I gave Emma a late night bottle & treasured every moment…with Jill understanding my leaking tears.  Sara & Kevin had invited us to stay the night, but Jill had already set up her trailer at a local KOA. They had yet to be alone…just the 4 of them…since having Emma.  Kevin’s mom had been to visit then the 3 of us.  I thought it was important for them to have a weekend day all together….so, with a sad but so grateful heart for this wonderful family, I hugged Sara & Kevin & said goodbye.  It had been such a wonderful visit.  (eyes leaking again as I type)

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