I got the call!…January/February.2021

Early on a January Thursday morning, I got a phone call from Sara.  Their long time Nanny had given them 12 hours notice that she was taking a leave of absence.  Sara & Kevin, after a full semester of trying virtual kindergarten, decided to sent Claire to face to face (although the kids & all staff are masked all day) & the Nanny was nervous about Covid.  

So, I got the call.  All along the Covid nightmare-path, I’d always told Sara if she needed me, just call (she knows she can do that anytime, but it seemed like the possibility might happen since the virus). By early Sunday morning I was on the road, driving 1,000 miles to Orlando.  I was so excited to see my girls…all three of them!

I made it there by Monday morning, & got a great big hug from Emma as I got out of the car.  For the next 7 weeks, my days were filled with hugs, reading, lots of playing, games, reading, crafts, reading, enjoying the outdoors, car pick up line at school, reading, laughing, silly faces, playing in ‘Camper Car’, dressing in costumes & solo nightly walks.  I loved loved loved spending so much time with Claire & Emma!!!!

I took about 1,000 photos…here’s just a sample!

Princesses in Black & other costumes…
Ive been reading The Princess in Black series to the girls over the past three months (Ive checked them out of the library & read them via FaceTime) & the girls love them.  I already had ordered the books for their Valentines gift, but decided to also make them the costumes.  So, I went into overdrive to try to get them done in my 2 day window before I left (more of a challenge when you don’t have the girls close for sizing!) & they loved the costumes!  Emma would put hers on at least a couple of times a day while I was there & learned (with her fierce face) to say “Don’t eat the goats!"!

IMG 8477.jpg IMG 8478.jpg

IMG 8579 (1).jpgIMG 8577 (1).jpg

Emma turns 3!
Uncle Pete & Uncle Luke sent a pirate balloon & a treasure map. Captain Emma & first Mate Claire were off to find the

When Emma found the treasure’, she was super excited!  

The Pirate ship her Uncles sent was the hit of all the birthday gifts (the cannon actually fires & the Pirates sing too)!

And there were tons of other gifts, cake & lots of fun!

IMG 8130.jpgIMG 8147.jpg

IMG 8088.jpg

IMG 8093.jpg

Claire made Emma this awesome pop up card!

Our precious 3 year old!

We had a blast!  So happy to be here to celebrate this wonderful little girl!

IMG 8046.jpg

Time with Grandpa… 
Danny was able to fly down for a week of fun, play & hugs!

IMG 8437.jpgIMG 8346.jpg

IMG 8394 (1).jpg IMG 8288.jpgIMG 8297.jpg IMG 8390.jpgIMG 8314.jpg IMG 8203.jpgIMG 8276.jpg IMG 8053.jpgIMG 8157.jpg IMG 8037.jpgIMG 8025.jpg

IMG 8012.jpg

We spent a lot of time outside…

IMG 8566.jpg IMG 8618.jpg IMG 8227.jpg IMG 7865.jpg IMG 7734.jpg IMG 7644.jpg IMG 7607.jpgIMG 7679.jpg

Claire is reading on her own now & Emma loves to be read to…

IMG 8487.jpgIMG 7931.jpg

IMG 7840.jpg

IMG 7567.jpg

IMG 5881.jpg

We all love spending time in Camper Car...

IMG 8360.jpg
IMG 8420.jpgIMG 7613.jpg

And more & more fun

IMG 8724.jpg
IMG 8492 (1).jpgIMG 8632.jpg

My kids loved waffle blocks & so do these two!

IMG 8526.jpgIMG 8525.jpg

I named this adorable middle-of-her-forehead curl….the “unicorn curl"

IMG 7771.jpg

IMG 8401.jpgIMG 8912.jpg

IMG 8377.jpgIMG 8424.jpg

Claire is growing up so fast!  So grateful she loves school, but I missed her on those days she was gone for so long.

IMG 8943.jpg
IMG 8322.jpgIMG 7557.jpg

IMG 8366.jpg
IMG 7966.jpgIMG 8330 (1).jpg

IMG 7602.jpg
IMG 7834.jpgIMG 7954.jpg

IMG 7516.jpg
IMG 7753.jpgIMG 7874.jpg

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