Sara & Pete’s visit…10.2008

It's been like Thanksgiving and Christmas all together at our house over the past two weeks!

Thank goodness friends of Sara and Peter are getting married because it has brought them each back to visit....and Danny and I have enjoyed seeing them so much. 

Two of the Residents Sara has been in Florida with, tied the knot a couple of weekends ago, bringing Sara and Kevin to town for a really brief, but super nice visit.  They were only in town for a couple of days, but it was so great to see them.


Phyllis was in town too and we all went to Free State (a family favorite) for dinner.


We enjoyed Wheatfields cinnamon rolls on the porch on Saturday morning.


We went to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ for lunch before they left for the wedding, so Kevin could try one of the popular BBQ joints in the city.


We met them before their flight out, at Starbucks on the Plaza; one of Sara's favorite and frequented spots during her Med School years.

It was really hard to say goodbye, not wanting her to leave so soon, but it was so good to see her ...she looks amazing and is very happy.  And it was great to meet Kevin and get to know him a little better. 

Unfortunately, Sara and Peter missed each other by a few days...both not being able to work out their busy and hectic schedules to see each other. 

Peter and Shannon had come to Kansas to attend a wedding also...Chris & Steph Perry's.  Chris and his family have been long time friends of ours.


Eric came to visit the first morning they were here.  Eric and Peter were friends from middle and high school and roomed together Peter's years at Cloud.

Shannon wanted to see the town of Linwood, so they decided to take their afternoon run down, into and through the town.  


As soon as Danny was off work, we went to Free State.  Brett (Pete's cousin) and Andrea met us there and we had a great time as well as good food and wonderful beer.


Phyllis came back to town to see Peter...we're so glad she's here too.


All dressed up and ready for a wedding.

It was like the old days when the kids were all living at home.  We saw so many people we hadn't seen for a long time; it was sooo much fun!


Chris and his bride, Steph; Cathy & Chris Claflin and Joe, the grooms father; the Rose family


Joey Malec, Chris and Jason Schrick;  the Steinmetz family; Shannon and Peter.


Scott and Chris Perry, Jake Bateson and Peter.

Since Peter and Shannon were here for a few days, we planned a party at the house.  It was a beautiful day, we had lots of food (several of Pete's favorites) and wonderful friends and family that came to see Peter and meet Shannon. 


Peter, Shannon, Danny and Mike; Andrea, Jan and Amanda; Aunt Betty and Phyllis. 


Sharon and Peter; Frank and Brett. 


Mike and Pat; Amanda and Brett; Janice and me.


Andrea, Brett, Shannon and Pete; Danny and Mike; Peter and Amanda.


Peter and Barrett and Paige; Shannon and Peter wearing the crowns the girls made for them!

On their last day here, Eric and Brian came out in the morning to go fishing with Peter in the back pond.  Brian, played soccer with Peter at Cloud and drove all the way in from Manhattan to see him this morning.  The three of them did a lot of fishing and hunting during their time at Cloud.


After they fished, they shot sporting clays.


Brian needed to head back to Manhattan, but it had been so much fun to see them all together again.

Danny got off work in time to join us at Ted's Montana Grill for a late lunch....Peter loves the Buffalo Burgers they serve!  Then, all to soon, it was time to say good bye.  Everyone really enjoyed meeting Shannon and I think she had a good time here too.

We all headed to the airport, hugged and said our good byes.  

And, while one of Luke's friends also got married a few weekends ago, Luke wasn't able to make it back for the wedding.  His good news though, is that he's just completed his degree from Humboldt State University....and is really excited to be done with school.  He's going to stay with his current job, as a Dealer at the casino in Trinidad.  He really loves living in California.  His future travel plans may be a graduation trip to Florida to see Sara. 

It's been so wonderful to see Sara and Peter...they're both so happy, loving what they're doing, enjoying where they live and the special people in their lives. 

(Okay, I've been sitting here writing sentences...then deleting them...then writing other sentences...then deleting those....all of which stated, in some profound and meaningful way, how proud Danny and I are of all the kids and the wonderful adults they've become.  How it's so great they live in cool places, gotten to know so many new people, and are just fantastic people!.....but a major leak has now sprung from eyes....tears are flowing onto my keyboard, I'm starting to sniffle and if I don't go get a kleenex for my nose....well never mind get the picture!  It doesn't take long to start missing them again.)

I just thought you all would enjoy seeing Sara and Peter and hearing about THEIR trip to Kansas!

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